The thai curry served at Baan Tao (Hyatt Pune) is simply delicious and mouth watering to start with.


The Island Table and the Waterfall Background are the star attractions of the place.  When lit up this place is simply mind blowing and creates a mood that is peaceful and helps relish every moment spent there.

Now coming to food, well this place is just about PERFECT. The dim sums and Chicken Teriyaki out here are simply awesome and tantalising but the one thing that I would definitely recommend everyone to try is… Thai Curry – Green.

Right from it’s aroma to the taste and to the appearance this dish simply is a 5 Star rating dish which is mouth watering. The only dish that can compliment this simply delicious creation is Steamed Jasmine Rice


To all you foodies out there, Bantaao – Hyatt Pune is must go place we will rate them as 4.5 out of 5.

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