Be Yourself – Everyone else is taken

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Till date the most difficult topic to write about. ‘Be Yourself – Everyone else is take’ a simple statement which we all fail to believe in.

We live in the world where relations and people are taken for granted. We fail to be ourselves thinking about ‘What Society Thinks’ this one ? has destroyed so many lives just can’t even imagine that…

Anyhow in order to create a perception about ourselves and leave a mark, we tend to pretend and adapt to surroundings failing to ans 1 ? i.e are we really meant to live or do things in a particular way…

For me living someone else’s life is totally uncool. But i need to confess there came a phase where I changed thinking it is for the good and it is how things function. I took decisions that till date haunt me and make me think… WTF was I thinking when i agreed in doing somethings which weren’t me at all…

But by gones are bygones I realise it now that the life I was living in that phase was the most stressful phase of life as it detached me from the one person I love the most and i.e MYSELF.

There is no harm in living someone else’s life or as per the society if that makes you and your loved ones happy…

To me it was a Screwball time… I came to the following conclusions

  1. Live your own life, everyone else is taken
  2. You are born unique
  3. If you are right, people who love you will understand you
  4. Never be afraid of being alone, if alone take it as an opportunity to meet new people and create a circle that you wanted
  5. Never be afraid of leaving the society, they are not going to be there anyways for you even if you live by their rules
  6. Life is all about evolvement, so learn, inspire and work towards your Goal
  7. Keep your loved ones happy
  8. Set your own rules and get ready to take on criticism for that
  9. People who backbite about you are the ones who are scared to even face you.. So don’t bother
  10. There is only one life so do whatever you want without hurting others. It is better to separate rather than hurting anyone
  11. Things that don’t break you make you stronger
  12. Never forget to do things you love…..
  13. Love people Unconditionally
  14. Stay away from negativity
  15. Take your decisions when you think the time is right…. or you are 100% sure about the same
  16. If the decision backfires don’t blame anyone but yourself and if it works show gratitude towards people who were a part of your decision
  17. Travel and Music are 2 necessities of life
  18. And never let your smile become dependent on others….

So enough for now…. it’s a Friday, just wrote the most complex thing that I feel about…. So see you…. Time to have some cold beer, meet some new people and  live life king size

Thank you for taking out time and reading this entire thought, hope this is helpful 🙂




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