Power – The one thing everyone is hungry about…

If you cannot be positive atleast be quiet… Just a thought that came in my mind and here Im going to speak about it…

For the very first time experienced, that being quiet on a wrong thing doesn’t only break your moral but also people around you…

How often we come across people who pull you down, who try to show the one thing that most people are hungry for ‘POWER’ – Power is something that one can posses over time but Power without Respect is nothing…

Respect is something that is earned and not demanded.  Being in the world of branding since more than 5 years now… 1 thing I definitely realise is – in order to be happy & work efficiently follow the below quote by the great charles chaplin

When it comes to handling a team, remember Half Knowledge is always dangerous.  Reacting on a situation just on basis of assumption is something that can & should be avoided because you never know how it can effect the person / team. Everything can be solved if you choose to SPEAK and speak what is right.

When it comes to situations no matter how harsh it is one can follow some simple rules

  1. Be Polite: There is nothing wrong in discussing the issue politely because guess what being polite helps people respond to you more positively
  2. Listen: Listen to your team mate just may be he / she will be able to justify
  3. Understand: Once you listen to people most of the problems are solved because either you understand that they are at fault and are guilty/ they are at fault and don’t care a damn or they are not at fault and there was a confusion
  4. Speak: Speak things that you are completely sure about / you are open to discussion
  5. Courtesy: Here the golden rule is even if you are right and the other person is wrong always be gentle with the other person because there is a team who looks upto you.. While speaking if you end up throwing POWER you will end up on the boo boo side even if you are right….
  6. Environment: Being in this industry I myself have landed up in heated arguments (being polite here 😉 where boundaries are crossed but you respect those moments as you are working for something you are passionate about and in the heat of moment exchange of words happen, by the end of the day when there is a combo of some kickass ideas, you love the feel of something exciting getting executed. On the other hand when you feel that there is something unethical or wrong that is done by someone at that moment maturity is to speak out to the concerned person and not shout/ and not be open to discussion. Here comes the time to show maturity and not POWER, because this moment is not only going to define the other person but will also define your character…

I will end yet again with a quote ‘With Power comes Great Responsibility’…


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