One of the most cliched quotes that I have heard people saying

‘With time thinking changes’  , to be honest the right thinking should be

‘With time thinking evolves’ . 

Lets face it, today we live in an era where the word ‘Winning’ has suddenly become a necessity and a status quo. Personally I feel there are only 2 kind of winning

  1. Win at any cost, no matter what it takes, all it takes is defeating someone else (someone can only win when other looses)
  2. Winning by helping others. (seek to win by helping others succeed)

The result of the first scenario is very broad where winning can lead to success, fame, etc on the other hand even loneliness, struggle with your soul

However in the 2nd scenario there is a fix result, no matter what you do , on helping others succeed Wins you peace, happiness and definitely success as in India (the most important thing you earn is Blessing and in India, we believe ‘Duao Main Yaad Rakhna)



So at the end the choice is yours no matter what happens by the end of the day you decide what keeps you happy, for me route 2 definitely works because it helps me grow as an individual, Happy Winning all of you…..





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