Molestation 2017! Sad

Bangalore molestation case! 2017 in India starts with this news all over social media…

The rage towards girls / women getting molested on the eve of 31st night .. has brought Bangalore under limelight… So let me get this right… On 31st there were a group of hooligans who attacked and molested these girls because of their own sexual frustration and more over because they are Inhuman.. that they see women and some part abt them gets aroused that they want to have pleasure….

“Was it really MY Fault asked the Skirt,  

No it happened with me too Replied Burqa”

Like always followed by controversial statements by some well known personality… this time “Well we have adopted western culture and women are also the reason (attire) in some way provocates such behaviour”.. WTF thts complete Bullshit….

Well to them when you see women/ girls in skirts and tight dress its inviting… again a bull… It saddens me to even write this post….

But you know, guys this is an eye opener to all of us in this country and abroad… Whenever such things happen/ we hear abt it there is anger, the thought Ghar Pe Maa , behen’

I guess we should stop all this and the only solution that I see is equip girls or more over girls should equip themselves

Just remember…

No cop, neighbour, brother, boyfriend, friend is always going to be around. If you can’t at least take a beginner course in any form of self defence, carry a pepper spray (available at most chemists) and more importantly, learn how to spray it right. Carry a bunch of keys in your hand, or even a deo. Learn to defend yourselves, cos clearly no one else is.

There are karate courses and other self defence courses which will help you from these monsters who should be ideally killed for such acts…. My only urge to parents and every kid (not girls only) is please enrol your child / yourself because tomorrow if you go out and god forbid if something like this happens you can atleast stand a chance….

RIP Humanity….

Thank you for taking out time and reading this


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